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( Apr. 5th, 2011 09:02 am)
I am so pissed at knitpicks chroma, their new fulled single to mimic Noro, which has lovely long color transitions. As soon as it came out I knew I had to have stripy socks made out of this stuff. The first ball has so far had three knots disrupting the color progression and several large ugly slubs. I emailed them about the first ball and they dutifully sent me a second to say sorry. I am almost done with the first of a pair of knee socks out of the stuff (because I'm thrifty and using it anyway and nobody will notice anyway) and one of the knots just CAME UNTIED in my knitting causing a near disaster. There is not enough play in the yarn to even retie the knot, so I will have to unravel back to the untied knot and then figure out how to rejoin it without causing any more damage. Not cool, knitpicks. I love you, but this is not cool.

Also, here are ten songs I am liking and listening to these days. Some are old, some new, and the styles vary widely. But you should check them all out.

1. The Eels - The Good Old Days
2. Karen Elson - Garden
3. Jack White - Sittin' On Top of the World
4. Thea Gilmore - Rags and Bones
5. All American Rejects - Night Drive
6. Jack Johnson - No Other Way
7. Parlotones - Brighter Side of Hell
8. Yellowcard - Believe (possibly the only song written about 9/11 that is worth its salt, with the potential exception of The Dixie Chicks' Not Ready to Make Nice)
9. Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church - Idumea
10. The Eels - Love of the Loveless
I wanted to share this here for all my friends to see because I'm just chuffed beyond measure. I have a long way to go to reach my goals, but I'm still SO proud of myself for overcoming a major mental block, working hard, and making real progress. So here you are, blog friends, a bit of crowing by yours truly.

This week's been a bit of good and a bit of bad. My weight is the same as last week's weigh in, though it's fluctuated up and down throughout the week and at one point I thought this was going to be a 2 lb. week. I had a few splurges, including a concert (with drinks) on Wednesday night, adding dairy back into my diet (which was probably a mistake), high salt intake, and also the struggle of not getting enough sleep.

However, my major triumph is that I feel like my asthma is FINALLY under control, thanks to the addition of a long-acting inhaler in addition to my fast-acting one. It feels SO good to exercise without getting red, sweaty, and short of breath. Asthma attacks are a terrible and scary experience. You taste blood in your mouth, you can't breathe in or catch your breath, your heart pounds... I can't believe I went my whole life thinking there was something wrong with me and I just wasn't good enough to be one of those fit people who exercises. It is such a relief to realize there's nothing wrong with me, I can do this, and it wasn't my fault I struggled so long.

I completed week 4 of the couch to 5k program and for the first time I felt like the run was way too easy. For the first time, I lost track of how long I'd been running, stopped watching the clock, and ran longer than the program suggested without even noticing. And for the first time I feel GREAT the day after a run instead of achy and tired (probably because for the first time I did a proper stretch afterward... I think stretching in the shower is my new thing. :) )

So, I am considering this week to be a major success even though the scale doesn't show any changes. I am full of pride and amazement at myself. Yay me!

In other news, Arlen and I got three new chicks, two Ameraucanas and another Barred Rock to add to the flock. The garden is planted with peas, sweet peas, and more raspberries, and the perennials are coming up nicely, including lots of strawberries, all different types of herbs, hollyhocks, and chrysanthemums. Last year's lettuce beds helpfully re-seeded themselves and we will be in our salad days soon. :)

Wednesday night's Parlotones concert was amazing. It really cemented my respect for them all as musicians and it was great to go to a small show (about 100 people) and to get a chance to meet them all and have a bit of a chat. Please do yourselves a favor and go buy the Stardust Galaxies album. You'll thank me later. I'd also forgotten how much I love a good concert, and how much I love good music. Music is such an emotional experience for me that I tend to avoid listening at all when life gets difficult. I remember being brought to tears by George Winston's December album as a little kid, something the right music still does to me. Goosebumps, breathlessness, the right chords still have that impact. It's just too easy for me to shy away from that sensation when it might result in a loss of control. Anyway, I will keep trying to be brave in the face of musical feelings and work toward my inner desire to rock out all the time.


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