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( Sep. 14th, 2010 08:39 am)
So, I used to be really into cross stitch and embroidery as a kid.  I still like to take it up from time to time, though I haven't done it since I lived in Scotland (and where every gift shop sells adorable little kits to make projects like bookmarks and wall hangings).  Today, though, I was reading the phat fiber blog and they started talking about biscornu, these lovely little French eight-sided pincusions that are absolutely adorable.  I realized as I was looking at the pictures that I was already planning a trip to the needlework store to buy supplies and try my hand at this (and then I started fantasizing about SPINNING MY OWN EMBROIDERY THREAD omg get a grip Diane) before my rational side kicked in and reminded me that 1) I don't have money for another hobby, 2) I don't have time for another hobby, and 3) people might start questioning my sanity.

I can't wait until I have a chance to make about a million little biscornus for gifts/xmas ornaments/curios.  They are just adorable little confections of stitchery.  Take a look at these websites for good examples/how-tos.


Aren't they darling?  Can't you just imagine Lizzie Bennett being forced to work one one of these while Mrs. Bennett looks on with approval?



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