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Birthdate:Dec 27
Location:Idaho, United States of America
I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Psychology in 2006. I spent three and a half years as a Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Specialist and Case Manager working specifically with refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, and I'd like to get my master's in social work before age 30 (heh... we'll see). Right now I'm taking a break from the harrowing world of mental health to work in admin at a university. I have lived in Aberdeen and Glasgow, Scotland, but I currently reside in Boise, Idaho with seven chickens, four cats, and two dogs. My Scottish husband also lives with me.

I looove to dance. I enjoy dancing Scottish Country Dance, and I co-teach a dance class once a week. Info can be found at I dream about getting certified to teach by the RSCDS, also by age 30, but we'll see. I also enjoy contra dancing. However, I've got very broad musical/dance tastes. If you can name it, I've probably done it.

Oh, and all the stuff below is cool, but you know... it's to fill space.

from - the ultimate philosophy of life as demonstrated by the black bonobo, a subspecies of chimpanzee...

What I call "The Bonobo Way" is a very simple philosophy (after all, these aren’t geniuses, they’re chimpanzees) that we all know deep in our bones, but that we seem to forget in the midst of our busy, lonely, fearful, stressed, repressed, polluted, violent lives:

Pleasure Eases Pain
Good Sex Defuses Tension
Affection Calms Terror
Love Lessens Violence
Females Rule
And You Can’t Very Well Fight a War
While You’re Having an Orgasm

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Marriage is love.

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