So, I used to be really into cross stitch and embroidery as a kid.  I still like to take it up from time to time, though I haven't done it since I lived in Scotland (and where every gift shop sells adorable little kits to make projects like bookmarks and wall hangings).  Today, though, I was reading the phat fiber blog and they started talking about biscornu, these lovely little French eight-sided pincusions that are absolutely adorable.  I realized as I was looking at the pictures that I was already planning a trip to the needlework store to buy supplies and try my hand at this (and then I started fantasizing about SPINNING MY OWN EMBROIDERY THREAD omg get a grip Diane) before my rational side kicked in and reminded me that 1) I don't have money for another hobby, 2) I don't have time for another hobby, and 3) people might start questioning my sanity.

I can't wait until I have a chance to make about a million little biscornus for gifts/xmas ornaments/curios.  They are just adorable little confections of stitchery.  Take a look at these websites for good examples/how-tos.

Aren't they darling?  Can't you just imagine Lizzie Bennett being forced to work one one of these while Mrs. Bennett looks on with approval?

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Wow, those are gorgeous and I need another hobby like a hole in the head...

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I know what you mean about not needing another hobby. I've often thought about trying little bits of embroidery as well to put on my costumes. My To Sew pile is so freakin' huge right now though, I really shouldn't add more to my plate. I even tried getting into knitting years ago, and discovered I can't do it when I don't have a knitting buddy. I also can't seem to get past simple patterns (had trouble with crochet when my mom tried teaching me). I'm a bit too spastic for knitting though -- I can't sit still for too long. I can do hand-sewing, but knitting gets to me for some reason. Maybe I've changed recently. I'll have to try it again sometime (finishing some projects that have been sitting) when I'm caught up with my sewing.

Anyway, yeah... I keep doing things like that and wondering why I keep coming up with new hobbies I don't need. Heh! :) They're usually all related in some way (which is part of my argument to myself about why I should do them), but sheesh!


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